Pre-school Classes

Three's Classes


Our 3's participate in small and large group activities with emphasis on developing both their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.  A balance of academic and social activities is scheduled throughout the day.  We offer a 3-day class or a 5-day class from 9:00-12:00pm.


Sample Class Schedule

(Schedules are subject to change, please check schedules posted in classrooms.)

Time   Activity
9-9:05am   Welcome/Greeting
9:05-9:15am   Music and Movement
9:15-9:30am   Morning Circle:  Daily Lesson/Story
9:30-10:10am   Learning Centers: Art/Blocks/Dramatic Play/Literacy/Manipulatives
10:10-10:25am   Clean Up/Restroom
10:30-10:55am   Playground/Outdoor Activities/Gross Motor Skills
11-11:25am   Restroom/Snack/Books and Puzzles
11:25-11:45am   Fine Motor Skills or Chapel (Tues/Wed)
11:45-12:00pm   Closing Circle/Daily Reflections/Dismissal

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