Welcome to the                            Puppy Dog 2's Class!

Mrs. Niña Giger (Lead Teacher) and Mrs. Becky Matthews (Assistant)

We offer 2 classes from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. for our two-year-olds: 3-day MWF class and 2-day TR class. Each class has 12 students with 2 teachers.  Children in this class do not need to be potty trained.  The teachers will work with parents to meet this goal by the end of the school year.  


Mrs. Giger and Mrs. Matthews offer a loving, nurturing environment, introducing our little two's to the joy of preschool.  They use NAEYC guidelines to create lessons that focus on social and academic skills, through play, song, and social interaction. Children also enjoy enrichment classes in Music, Spanish, and Chapel.


Students remain with their same class and teachers for the entire August-May in order to build relationships and bond with their peers. A full year curriculum is taught with the goal of each child moving toward to the next level in the Fall. We operate as an academic preshool and keep children on track to "graduate" to the next level each school year.