Together We Grow

Parents play a key role in a child’s early development. Nonetheless, the significance of parental involvement is often underestimated at the preschool level. That's why, at Riviera Day School, we encourage regular communication among parents and teachers.  The progress of your child can be discussed in scheduled one-on-one meetings. In addition, we sometimes ask parents to help out with the planning and execution of special projects, field trips and other activities. 

Ways to Participate:

  • Parent Advisory Committee - we invite parents to join PAC to discuss the overall development of the school by providing feedback and ideas.  We are always looking to our parents to make sure we are providing the best care and education possible for your child.
  • Volunteering - there are many volunteer opportunities to help either in the classroom, on field trips, or with school projects.  Let your teacher know in what ways you are able to help.
  • Substitute - we are always looking for parent substitutes to help out if a teacher or aide is not able to attend.  You would need a background screening (info is available in the school office).  We pay $25 for each half day (a.m. or p.m.).
  • Spring Fling - this is our biggest school fundraiser and is scheduled every spring.  We need lots of parent volunteers to make this a success.  Look for upcoming notices of Spring Fling meetings throughout the school year.


If you are interested in any of the above, please let your teacher know or contact the office staff for more information.